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Monday Rewind: December 24-30

Monday Rewind: December 24-30

Rockets Ruin Christmas, Top Thunder 113-109

  • I’m telling you, Christmas games are a lot less fun without Christmas jerseys.
  • They’re also a lot less fun when your team loses.
  • My favorite thing in Thunder basketball right now is how cool a Paul George three-pointer looks.
  • OF COURSE Austin Rivers is a Rocket. And OF COURSE he was effective against the Thunder on Christmas. The dude even looks like the Grinch.
  • As has been the case lately, George was awesome and Russell Westbrook struggled. So I pose this question: Is Westbrook holding the Thunder back from their full potential or are his struggles part of a necessary transition too fully unlock this Thunder team?
  • Pretty great video we received on Christmas:

Thunder Come Alive Late, Top Suns 118-102

  • George was out for this game with a quad contusion.
  • Just a guess, but it sounds more like the Thunder found a nice little gap in the schedule to rest PG, who has been playing outstanding as of late.
  • The obvious question was how Westbrook would play without PG. Oh boy, did that not disappoint: Westbrook dropped 40 points on 17-of-29 shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds, and dished 8 assists.
  • I can’t help but notice how comfortable Russ looked without PG. And that’s totally okay. Russ has been knocked his entire career for not adjusting his game.
  • My money is on Westbrook figuring this all out eventually.
  • How about ABDEL NADER!?
  • Yes that’s how you spell his name “Abdel”… Still pronounced  \AB-duel Nay-der\
  • 18 points on 7-of-13 shooting for Nader. He also pitched in five rebounds.
  • So now we’ve seen good things from Diallo, TLC, Burton, and Nader. The Thunder have their fair share of trade bait.

Mavericks Rally Late, Beat Thunder 105-103

  • The Sunset jerseys made their triumphant return to the uniform lineup.
  • I really do like them. But the new font is a bit jarring probably due to the fact that the original Sunset unis hold a special place in my heart.
  • This was a really tough loss to swallow. The Thunder stormed back and make a fourth quarter comeback. Paul George was blazing hot. And then it all just… stopped?
  • Westbrook struggled from the field again. 9 points on 4-of-22 shooting.
  • A day after trolling Oklahoma fans on Twitter with an “SEC FOOTBALL” tweet, Patrick Patterson looked pretty darn good.
  • Patterson finished with 10 points. (4-5 FG, 2-3 3PT)
  • We were treated to a Paul George windmill before halftime.
  • Here’s another highlight that I can’t get over. Steven Adams, all 7 feet 265 lbs of him, ends up on the floor twice in a span of 20 seconds leading to a Westbrook layup:
  • Yes, I do think Steve should be an All-Star, but I really don’t see it happening. The West is way too deep. Such a shame. Imagine the soundbites we’d get.
  • I fully expect that sequence to make it into the pre-game hype video within a week.
  • A brutal meltdown late. One of those games where you just need to go take a shower afterwards. Some questionable calls/no-calls down the stretch, but just overall a really bad performance in the final moments.
  • Really weird scheduling. The Thunder will get another shot against the Mavericks on Monday night at home.

Next up:

  • Mavs (Home), Lakers (Away), Trailblazers (Away), Wizards (Home)
  • LeBron James is nursing a strained groin, so the Thunder’s first matchup against the new-look Lakers might not be as fun as anticipated.
  • Ugh, late games.
  • Happy New Year, Daily Thunderers.