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Media Day Primer

It’s Oklahoma City Thunder media day. The official start of the 2016-17 season. A season of new beginnings. No more Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka. No more Dion (we’ll miss you, Dion). But we still got Russell Westbrook and Nick Collison. We still have the ‘Stache Bros. We have a new guy named Victor. We have the offspring of a basketball legend (Domantas Sabonis). And we have a dancing back-up point guard that is coming off of foot surgery. All this will make for an interesting season, but when its all over, we’ll look back to this day. Not July 4th. Not August 4th. But, today.

As for today, there are several ways in which you can kind of follow the happenings of today.

Daily Thunder’s Facebook page – We’ll have several Lives showing some player interviews.

Follow Daily Thunder’s Instagram page at dt_thunderup – We’ll have videos and pictures there.

Also you can follow our various Twitter accounts to get more media news – Alex Roig , Royce Young , and Andrew Schlecht

And of course, you can always catch the latest on the happenings of the Oklahoma City Thunder here at Daily Thunder. Make sure you stay tuned for a recap of the day.