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Kevin Durant’s Q&A with Sporting News Today

Kevin Durant’s Q&A with Sporting News Today

For those of you that don’t subscribe to Sporting News Today, quit reading and do it now. It’s awesome. It’s basically a digital newspaper delivered to your email every stinking morning and it’s FREE.

Today they have a great interview with Thunder star Kevin Durant. He talks about the new look, the new team, his goals and what it’s like in OKC. A really great read. (Click it to make it bigger. That’s what she said.)

A few interesting things he said:

1. “Your team name is supposed to make people afraid. People are afraid of Thunder.” I hate to disagree there Kevin, but who’s really afraid of thunder besides six-year-olds? “What was that, dad?” “Nothing son, just thunder. It’s only a sound. It can’t hurt you.” Remember that conversation when you were a kid? Also, who’s afraid of the Lakers? Or Mavericks? Or Spurs? Oooh, the Spurs. Are those really terrifying names that intimate opponents before they step on the floor?

2. “I talked to Chris Paul about it, and it seems like a good, quiet kind of place, a family-oriented kind of place. And he said the fans are great, they’re unbelievable. It sounds like it is almost a college atmosphere when you get to game night.” Darn night KD. People around the country make fun of OKC about being a small town. They think we have teepees and ride horses to work. But that’s fine because if they actually knew what it was like, they’d all be moving here in a heartbeat. Low crime, virtually no traffic, great jobs, great economy, extremely low cost of living, wonderful people and great schools. I think I’ve said too much.

3. Q: How about the chances of seeing the Thunder in the playoffs? “Oh man, it’s way too early to think about that. We still need to jell together, to get better as a group, as a family. Let me think about training camp before the playoffs. Ask me in the middle of the season about the playoffs, and maybe I can give you a real answer.” Translation. And the reason he’d rather be asked in the middle of the season is because by then the Thunder will be 12-29 and no one in their right mind will be asking about the playoffs.