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Kevin Durant’s brother apparently not a fan of Oklahoma City (or is he?)

Kevin Durant’s brother apparently not a fan of Oklahoma City (or is he?)

This little topic came up in the comments Saturday afternoon and we talked about it: Does Kevin Durant’s brother hate Oklahoma City? And of course the sinister, don’t-talk-about-that underlying question: Does that mean KEVIN DURANT hates Oklahoma City?

“What, why?” asks the non-comment reading Daily Thunder patron. Well, because of some tweeting of course. What else would start a controversy nowadays? (Some coarse language ahead. I apologize in advance.)

(Somebody asked why Tony was still in OKC): “it sure as hell aint nothing hur ( in my @boozye and the rest of Oklahoma City voice)” [via]
“i miss my big sis @BettyBoopEyes i wish i was at home with yall instead of Oklahoma Shitty” [via]
shit chillin in wack ass OKC u get my DM [via]
Man this security guard in the mall said its mall policy that u can’t wear a hood on ur head in the mall only in OKC [via]

We talked about it. Thought about it. Marinated, stewed over and chewed on it. I kind of decided it wasn’t worth getting anyone riled up over, but then again, is it? (Obviously it is, because here I am writing about it.) I envisioned KD being pissed that he’s having to sit and answer questions about some stupid tweets his brother put up. I pictured Tony Durant feeling stupid and just awful that he put his brother in this position. But then again this isn’t some wild Jenni Carlson/Jim Traber speculation based on a couple weather comments. Tony actually refers to Oklahoma City as (again, pardon the language), “Oklahoma Shitty.” That’s not just “It’s hot in Oklahoma exclamation point!!! Well, he did have a few things to say about the weather:

okc weather is terribke right now this is “honey lets get a movie” weather [via]
The sun finally came out in Okc for the first time in a week [via]

But I couldn’t shake it – my instinct was that this is important. So I asked him: Do you hate OKC? And he he promptly and politely responded:

no OKC is great I love it here…im just a little homesick that OKC is my home

But the door has been opened for controversy already. And it’s the hardest one to close. People are going to assume Tony had his mind changed for him and was told to straighten up. That’s fine if you want to be like that. But I’m believing the guy. Tony Durant is just a 20-something year old kid living away from home that would probably prefer at times to be home with friends and family. Not that hard to understand. And we all say (or maybe tweet) dumb things at times. We’re human. It happens.

Besides, Tony Durant is NOT Kevin Durant. KD has always been very adamant that he loves OKC and even went as far to say he wants to spend his whole career here. He’s been very, very clear about it. I have no reason to doubt him. But I recognize that it is just slightly off-putting that KD’s brother and roommate would be so negative toward the city he plays basketball in. And also, Tony Durant played from OKC’s summer league team too… shouldn’t he kind of be a little more diplomatic about his feelings about the only place that gave him a shot at an NBA career?


One solid theory is that these negative comments started AFTER a mall security guard apparently told Tony he couldn’t wear a hood inside. Perhaps that offended him. Perhaps he was bothered. Perhaps as a result, he was frustrated with the different culture of Oklahoma City and it all came crashing down to the point where he missed home a whole lot. Who knows. But that makes sense to me. I mean, during the summer, Tony was positive about OKC:

Lookin for good girl out here….and DC is not the spot…going to OKC soon can’t wait!!!!

Couldn’t wait to get to wack ass Oklahoma Shitty. In fact, there are multiple non-derogatory comments about OKC scattered throughout. But the point remains: Kevin Durant’s brother who is obviously very close to him, apparently is not to high on this place right now. Maybe it’s over a little event that happened at the mall. And after Tony’s response, I’m thinking that’s pretty spot on.

So there you go. Done and done. Nothing to see here, clean it up and let’s go home. BUT… it’s also a little disconcerting that when KD is a free agent, Tony is likely to be in his ear about their hometown, since he obviously favors it. Forget OKC. Let’s go home. Let’s go to DC. Come on… let’s get out of here. But then again, who wouldn’t favor their hometown a little, especially if you weren’t the one playing basketball for a living? KD obviously isn’t that attached to Washington D.C. though. He was recruited by Maryland and Virginia, but decided to travel across the country to play his college ball in Austin, TX.

I know some are going to interpret this as also being Kevin Durant’s actual hidden feelings about Oklahoma City, but I actually don’t. I don’t take KD to be a liar. I think he’s being forthright and honest when he says he loves it here. I’m not going to make any “Haha he lives off his brother” jokes (but, those are for the taking), but if I was just holed up in a apartment/house, not really doing much all day and having to watch my baby brother turn into an NBA mega-star, then I’m not sure I’d enjoy OKC too much either sometimes. It’s a WONDERFUL place to live, but it’s not Chicago, it’s not DC and it’s not New York. There aren’t clubs and bars everywhere to go to and if it’s not Friday or Saturday, the night is pretty quiet.

It’s true – we have a bit of an inferiority complex around here. We have listened to people crap on our city and state for a full year over the Seattle thing. People tell us we’re dumb and don’t deserve a team and that our players will just leave us. This is probably every day bullplop to other cities, but we’re new to this and for us, we get defensive about anything negative OKC. I don’t know why, but we do. Honestly, at times, even I do and I try and be as unemotional about that stuff as I can be because I hear it more than most.

But you know what, it doesn’t even matter what Tony Durant thinks. It matters what KEVIN Durant thinks. And right now, all signs to he thinks pretty highly of this place. At least this is what I tell myself while rocking back and forth grasping my KD replica jersey.

Now of course, Tony is protecting his tweets. But I’ve asked him about it and he clarified. Of course, some are going to still speculate and wonder. Which is THE WORST thing you can do to Internet folk. Give them any chance to speculative and assume. Wild speculation is the diesel fuel for our big rig. This is hopefully one huge non-story. But it could also be the underbelly of our greatest fear. Lord help us all if it is.