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Kevin Durant by the numbers during the streak

Kevin Durant by the numbers during the streak

Kevin Durant’s awesome, amazing, incredible streak of scoring 25 or more points in a game wrapped up last night with *just* 21 points against San Antonio. It was 29 games of unbelievable offensive efficiency. And probably 29 of my favorite games ever in my short time as a Thunder fan. The team played great, Durant was unreal and we saw some of the most inspiring individual efforts of the season. The best part is, KD is just 21 years old and this is probably just one of many, many incredible streaks. But let us reflect on this one, by the numbers:

32.4: Points per game KD averaged

23: Number of games Durant topped 30

9: Number of games Durant topped 35

3: Number of games Durant topped 40

20-9: The Thunder’s record during the streak

2.9: Assists per game

7.7: Rebounds per game

11: Number of double-doubles

9: Number 0f 30-10 games, something KD leads the league in

2: Number of times Durant scored exactly 25

64: Days it lasted

50.8: Field goal percentage for KD

50.0: 3-point percentage for KD

89.9: Free throw percentage for KD

190.7: Number on the 180 Shooter scale

940: Points scored by KD during the streak

282: Points that came at the free throw line

314: Free throw attempts

10.8: Free throw attempts per game

30: Percent of KD’s points that came from the free throw line

596: Field goal attempts

1.58: Points per shot attempt

45: High point total during the streak

Golden State: Best game during the streak (16-21 from the floor, 45 points, 11 rebounds)

Dallas: “Worst” game (9-28 from the floor, 25 points and 14 rebounds)

29: Times I worried the streak was going to end

31: Most shot attempts in a game (overtime loss to the Spurs)

14: Fewest shot attempts in game (Twice, once against Chicago and once against the Knicks)

7: Number of straight 30+ point games KD had during the streak

1: Number of players that have scored 25+ in consecutive games more than Durant

Michael Jordan: That guy’s name

2.39: Price of a gallon of gas when the streak started

Barack Obama: President in office when the streak began (Isn’t this how every “by the numbers” thing wraps up?)