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KD on the labor negotiations: ‘We’re not trying to get more money’

KD on the labor negotiations: ‘We’re not trying to get more money’
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Kevin Durant was on The Sports Animal yesterday to help spread the word about his Oklahoma City charity game. So naturally he got asked about the lockout, what he’s doing with his post game and how much he hates OU. Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On the players fighting not only for the present but also the future:

“Yeah man, I think we’re trying to get a deal done that’s going to really help what we’ve got going on now, but like you said, the players that will be coming after us too. We’re sacrificing a little bit of time for betterment of both. But hopefully we get something done because  I know the fans are getting anxious or a little upset, but I think we’re doing what we need to make sure the players have a fair deal.”

On what his message is to fans that think the negotiations are still ongoing because of players being greedy:

“Well first of all, we’re not trying to get more money. We already gave up money, we sacrificed money in our negotiating to try to make a deal. But the owners won’t budge.”

On what specifically he’s working on with his game during the extended offseason:

“Oh, everything — posting up, more play-making skills, shooting off the dribble, everything. I’ve just been trying to watch different guys around the league, try to look at some of their tendencies and try to put that in my game as well. So I’ve been learning a lot, watching a lot of film and trying to grow.”

On what specifically he’s trying to do to improve his post game:

“I’ve always wanted to say this but I have a post up game, it’s just a matter of me…I get double-teamed a lot, no team in the NBA is going to allow me to post up and have three or five seconds to do what I do before sending a double-team. So for me, why would I always post up when I know I’m going to get double-teamed and put myself in a bad position and get turnovers. So I try to get in there and score quick and get some post moves in, but why would I always go down there when I know a double-team is going to come where I get most of my turnovers? A lot of people get that kind of confused in thinking I don’t have a post game when I know I have a good post game. It can get better, of course, but I do have one. And every time I go down there, there’s two or three people down there and I can’t make a post move.”

On his Texas Longhorns losing consecutive games to OU and OSU:

“I still hate Oklahoma, but OSU is alright in my mind.”