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Harden and Westbrook Rookie Challenge postgame

Here’s some video of James Harden talking after the game. Below are some quotes from Russell Westbrook, Patrick Ewing and Kevin Durant.


On how he played: “It was a fun game, unfortunately they came out with the victory but a fine team effort for us. We just tried to come out and have some fun.”

On trying to get back in to tie KD’s record: “I was at that point. We were down eight and that’s when he took me out of the game. I was trying to get back in to get an opportunity to win the game.”

On the record: “No somebody was saying — I didn’t refer to it though, but somebody said something about it.”

Patrick Ewing on Russ’s game: “I mean, he scored 40 points, but you know, this is a team game. We got our butts kicked in every aspect of the game. They had 52 rebounds. They had 140 points. I know it’s an All-Star Game, but you know, we didn’t play with enough pride in my eyes. They outplayed us. They outhustled us. They outscrapped us.”

Kevin Durant on Russ’s game: “I was worried he was going to get my record, but I was happy for him. He was hitting 3s and everything tonight. That’s something that I usually don’t see from Russell, but he had a great game. Luckily, they took him out with seven minutes left and he had 40 points, so he wouldn’t break my record. But I’m glad we came out and got this win for the rookies.”

To Durant: “Is your official nickname Durantula?” KD: “Yeah, you could say that. Durantula.”