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H-O-R-S-E First Round Rapid Recap: Allie Quigley def. Chris Paul (HOR – HORSE)

H-O-R-S-E First Round Rapid Recap: Allie Quigley def. Chris Paul (HOR – HORSE)

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Despite the questionable video quality, the ESPN HORSE Contest turned out to be pretty fun. First up, Trae Young versus Chauncey Billups. The only good thing Trae Young did was play from his house in Norman, Oklahoma. Other than that, he blew a 3-0 letter lead to Mr. Big Shot.

Next up, Mike Conley versus Tamika Catchings. Conley, who played from his indoor gym, had a big advantage on Catchings, who played from her home in windy/cold Indianapolis. Conley defeated Catchings with some crafty mid-range jumpers and behind-the-backboard shots.

Then, Paul Pierce fell victim to the creative genius that is Zach LaVine. The rules prevented LaVine from dunking but LaVine did not disappoint with creative layups that left Pierce hilariously confused. Pierce ultimately got swept by LaVine.

The last matchup of the night was Thunder fan-favorite Chris Paul versus Allie Quigley. Quigley is a WNBA sharpshooter and the reigning WNBA 3-point contest champion. She went first and got her first letter on Paul with a corner jumper and another letter with a seated wing shot. She previewed the shot on social media earlier this week and knew Chris Paul’s old knees couldn’t handle it.

Paul got his first letter on Quigley with a good, old-fashioned free throw, but then ended up with “HOR” when Quigley banked a right step-back jumper off the dribble. Up “H” to “HOR”, Quigley showed no mercy and put an “S” on Paul with a right elbow bank shot. At this point, Paul was fighting for his life, which we all know is the best kind of Chris Paul.

He quickly put an “O” and “R” on Quigley with a one-footed face away from the basket shot and a no-rim straightaway from right in front of the basket (which Quigley made, but hit rim on). Things seemed to be turning around for Paul until Quigley went for the kill with a classic bank shot free throw. To everyone’s surprise (especially after he made some wild shots to stay in the game), Chris Paul missed the free throw and lost the game.

Even though Chris Paul was not victorious, his matchup with Allie Quigley was easily the best and most competitive of the night. Quigley will advance to the semifinal where she will face fellow Chicago star Zach LaVine on April 16th at 8 p.m CT on ESPN. Chauncey Billups will face Mike Conley in the semifinal.

Final Score: Quigley (HOR) – Paul (HORSE)