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Game 60 Recap: Bucks (51-8) def. Thunder (37-23) 133-86

Game 60 Recap: Bucks (51-8) def. Thunder (37-23) 133-86

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Want to hear the ironic thing about Daily Thunder’s first watch party?

It was the first time I haven’t watched a Thunder game in… well… maybe ever.

John Napier and I were so busy meeting, greeting, and chatting with Daily Thunder supporters at Anthem Brewing Company that I missed the biggest loss in Thunder history.  Thank you to everyone who came out for the distraction.

Here’s what I gathered from inquiring about the game from some people at the watch party who actually watched at the party: Giannis is really good and having Danilo Gallinari is better than not having Danilo Gallinari.

Small suggestion to my Daily Thunder bosses: let’s schedule the next watch party for a Cavaliers or Knicks game.


  • Wait. I miss one game ever and it’s the worst loss in history.  What if my not watching the game is the reason?! I’m sorry, Thunder fans. I’ll watch the next game and if it’s not the worst loss in history, we’ll know it’s no coincidence.
  • Up next: Clippers in OKC on Tuesday.