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Friday Bolts

  • ESPN the Magazine has some fun facts on the Thunder: “In our neverending quest to provide content that’s both informative and entertaining, we’re rolling out a ‘Fun Facts’ on every NBA team. No idea what that means? Check out the entries for the WashingtonWizards and Memphis Grizzlies. Up now: the Oklahoma City Thunder, also known as The Team That Abandoned (depends on how you look at it) The Emerald City. We’ll keep it fun, though. We promise.”
  • A secret weapon?!?! Go on…: “P.J. Carlesimo insists he hasn’t settled on a starting unit and a second string. But what became surprisingly clear following Wednesday night’s preseason opener is the Thunder coach could have ample ammo off the bench this season. The goal for the Thunder is now duplicating that productivity in tonight’s second dress rehearsal, against the Sacramento Kings.”
  • The braintrust at the Oklahoman weighs in on the Thunder’s first game: “Tramel: The best solution at center for the Thunder is for Clay Bennett to use his influence with David Stern to get the NBA to begin playing 4-on-4. With the players getting so big and fast, sometimes the court gets too crowded. So let’s play 4-on-4, open up the game and the Thunder won’t have to worry about the center position. Otherwise, it’s going to have to be Nick Collison.” Oh Berry, you slay me.
  • Another awesome NewsOK production here: The Thunder dancers get a makeover. I know. Hold on to your butts.

And for all six of you that come here to read what I’m feverishly writing, I won’t be here to recap tonight’s preseason game against Sacramento and likely won’t be here to recap tomorrow night’s either. I’ll be in Dallas screaming my face off for the Sooners.