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Friday Bolts – 5.10.13

Friday Bolts – 5.10.13

Rob Mahoney of SI.com: “But over the course of these playoffs — and the first two games against Memphis, in particular — most of Perkins’ hypothetical value has been negated. A series against the pace-pushing Rockets appeared to be a horrible fit for Perkins’ skill set from the start, but this second-round matchup with the Grizzlies looked to be one of the increasingly rare opportunities for the 28-year-old to ply his trade as an interior stopper. Facing Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, one of the most effective low-block combinations in the league, would seem to lend value to a player capable of grappling in the post and contesting shots around the rim.”

Zach Lowe of Grantland: “Look, Perkins has value. He’s a good post defender, a solid (illegal) screener, and he leads the league in scowling and complaining about very obvious fouls he just committed. He’s also a solid passer for a big man, and that has helped Ibaka nab some easy buckets over the last two seasons. But he’s a walking turnover who cannot do basic things on offense, such as: catching the ball, shifting his feet without traveling, and placing the ball into the basket. Collison isn’t Gasol, but he’s a heady passer, a brilliant dribble handoff partner for any competent perimeter player, a reliable jump-shooter, and capable of catching a defense off guard by faking one of those handoffs and driving to the rim.”

Berry Tramel: “He looked like Russell Westbrook. He sounded like Russell Westbrook. But I’m not convinced. Too much smiling. Too much introspection. Too much charm. Westbrook sat down Thursday morning for a 17-minute interview with the Thunder press corps, his first public comments since the knee injury two weeks ago that required season-ending surgery. And Westbrook could not have been more engaging. The guy who never met a chip he couldn’t strap to his shoulder went all Dale Carnegie.”

MVP of the playoffs?

Darnell Mayberry: “Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace late in the regular season underwent a similar procedure and returned to the court just 12 days after undergoing surgery. His recovery created optimism that Westbrook would be able to make a similar comeback. The difference is World Peace had his meniscus removed, which limited the healing process, while Westbrook’s meniscus was repaired, a method that calls for a longer recovery timetable. Westbrook’s leg is still immobilized by a brace, and he continues to walk with the aid of crutches, which he was told following surgery that he would need for up to five weeks. After discussing his injury with the medical staff, Westbrook said it became clear that returning to the court this season would not be an option.”

BallerBall talking last night’s playoff games (that didn’t exist).

Tom Haberstroh of ESPN.com on surprises: “Astounded. Stunned. Flabbergasted. You could list all the synonyms for surprised and I’m still not sure it could fully capture my reaction to Fisher’s torrid play. Remember, this is the same guy who went 0-for-17 over a six-game stretch this season and looked like he completely forgot how to shoot a basketball. Now? He’s third in 3-point makes in the playoffs, behind the Golden State splashbrothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, with 19 treys on 31 attempts (61 percent). His pull-up fadeaway jumper over Gasol in Game 2 made my brain shut down.”