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Friday Bolts – 10.30.09

Friday Bolts – 10.30.09

Thabo Sefolosha’s contract is a four-year, $13.8 million deal that starts after this season. Right now, he’s making about


$2.7M. With the extension, he’ll make $3M in 2010-11, $3.3M in 2011-12, $3.6M in 2012-13 and $3.9M in 2013-14.

John Rhode says OKC is in for better things: “This season brings a new locker room with a ceiling roughly twice as high as last year’s digs. This, too, seems appropriate. More head room for a team with a higher ceiling for success. Thunder players now know where they are. Their next trick is to figure out who they are. What they are is a better team.”

Kevin Durant likes Carmelo Anthony to average 30-plus points for the season and win the scoring title: “Melo gon average 30 this yr lol..hes da truth … Melo is gon be da scoring champ…balee dat…”

The Thunder has a launched a kid’s club. “Limited edition Rumble the Bison bobbleheads are available now by joining the new Thunder Kids Club. The Kids Club officially debuts on Sunday when the Thunder hosts the Portland Trail Blazers at 6 p.m. Children ages 4 to 14 can become inaugural members during the 2009-10 season now by visiting thunder.nba.com, or either of the two Thunder Shops.” The cost is $25 for the club.

For Thabo, it is the season of truth. A story translated from French about Thabo (I love crudely translated things): “Returning on the floor. This fourth season, especially one where your contract expires. Are you condemned to shine? Yes. We can say it’s a little truth to the season. If I want my dream goes on, I must make a major championship.”

David Thorpe’s first set of rookie rankings came out yesterday and James Harden was sitting sixth: “Harden’s biggest weakness, to this point, has been his shooting — which is ironic because he’s a shooting guard. However, he is an excellent shooter who should find his rhythm soon. In the meantime, he does all the other things. As a veteran player told me the other day, “That kid is smooth.”” The rankings are just based off the preseason. Just so you know, Hasheem Thabeet is ranked 33rd. Serge Ibaka is 29th. Go Memphis!

Video games are  driving Kevin Durant to win. Yes, really: “People might not believe me, but when I go home (after practice) I play video games and I lose all the time,” Durant said. “And I get so mad that I come back and I want to win everything. Something that small puts that winning mentality into my head.”