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Draft Chat: Who should, and who will, the Thunder take?

Draft Chat: Who should, and who will, the Thunder take?
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The draft is just a couple hours away. And with the Thunder having a lottery pick for the first time in a few years, interest is pretty darn high. Questions of who to take, what to do, should they move, will they move, what to eat (I’m always wondering this) are dominating every conversation.

Everyone has their guy. It’s mostly arbitrary but people latch on to players and decide that he’s a perfect pick while that other guy, screw that other guy. Gotta take Steven Adams. Kelly Olynyk? Ugh please say no!

The truth is: Nobody really knows. The draft is as much about luck and hope as it is about homework and scouting. It’s about picking a guy that can develop and grow in your system, that has a chance to bloom at some point. When taking a young player, it’s often as much about fit as it is about talent.

Every 15 seconds or so I’m getting hit with an email or tweet with people asking every conceivable question about what the Thunder are thinking. Disclaimer: I don’t actually know, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night. (I did make a few calls and send a few texts so I do feel mildly educated.)

So anyway, fire away and I’ll answer as many as I can in the comments.

UPDATE: This is wrapped up. Thanks to everyone for the questions. Consider this your draft open thread for the evening’s festivities.