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Countdown to Camp: 10 best games of 2008-09: No. 1

No. 1: Uncle Jeff goes to the bank

(I’ve always liked Brian Davis’s call on that.) Finally, the Thunder flipped the script at the buzzer. After losing five or six times as the horn sounded, OKC did it to someone else for once. I remember being a little excited after that game.

(Deep breath)
Boy it feels nice to be on the other end of that. After watching it happen four times to us, seeing our guys jump all over each other after the buzzer was pretty stinking nice. Oh, and guess what? Nine baby. Nine.
But dang, what a great game that was. There were 14 ties and 22 lead changes. The first half was played at a hellish pace, with both teams combining for something like 480 points. At halftime I actually had to go towel off. The third quarter slowed down dramatically with Oklahoma City scoring just 17 and Golden State 25. The fourth quarter was all about who could get more stops, grab more rebounds and turn the ball over less. And I guess, who had the ball last. In this case, it was Jeff Green knocking down an awesome jumper as time ran out, lifting the Thunder to a 122-121 win over the Warriors. Woo.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about it. It was a great game that finally had a great finish… for Oklahoma City.