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Colin Cowherd says some not so smart things about Kevin Durant

Thursday on SportsNation, Colin Cowherd had some interesting comments about Kevin Durant. The summary of it is, he’s overrated, just a scorer and not a leader. Here’s video proof he said such things:

KD responded to Cowherd’s criticisms via Twitter: “Im a work in progress Mr.Cowherd…thanks for your criticism! Ima  continue to work my hardest to get better! Believe that.” Interesting that Durant was watching SportsNation and felt compelled to respond to Cowherd’s criticisms. And the way Durant responded pretty much sums up the guy he is.

Cowherd’s main reasoning for this I suppose, is that KD hasn’t won a playoff series. But how exactly does that make him “overrated”? He’s less of a basketball player because at the age of 21, in his third year, he hasn’t won a playoff series? Now if this were year 10 of KD’s career and all he did was win scoring titles, I’d be inclined to agree. But this is the first year Durant has played on a winning club and he’s the absolute main reason for that success. And to think he’s “just a scorer” is obviously an assumption, instead of something actually researched by watching actual basketball.

Now before we get much more huffy and yell and throw things, let’s revisit what Cowherd said about KD following the pre-draft workouts in which Durant couldn’t bench 185. Cowherd BLASTED Durant and constantly praised Greg Oden. He even said, “Anyone that says Durant should be No. 1 isn’t doing their homework.” A tad ironic, considering what Cowherd said today about Durant, eh?

Kevin Durant, the guy averaging 29.7 ppg, the guy that could be the youngest scoring champ ever, the guy that should finish second for MVP at 21, the guy that has orchestrated a 20-game turnaround for his team, the guy that will likely be a 50-40-90 guy for multiple years, is overrated? I don’t think so Tim.