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Best of BD: Brian Davis lines of the year

I love Brian Davis.

Sometimes he can get a little wild, a little over-the-top, a little crazy with his commentary. But I enjoy his passion and enthusiasm for the game. He enjoys what he’s doing, and you can tell.

I think Davis does a good job of blending being an unabashed homer — which I think to a regulated degree, is necessary for any local announcer — and being objective enough to call it as he sees it. Him and Grant Long aren’t the league’s best announcing tandem (hello Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel), but take a tour around League Pass and you’ll realize they’re up there.

But my favorite part about Davis are his lines. I don’t know where they come from, I don’t know what half of them mean, I don’t know why he says some of them. Sometimes I think he starts a sentence not having any idea where it’s going to go. I dig it though. That little local flavor and flair is what lets you know you’re watching your broadcast.

So here you go, the best of Brian Davis from this season.

My personal favorite: His story about seeing a trailer for The Expendables. Also, this one: “They’re bumpin’ and thumpin’ — it’s like a gentleman’s club but their whistles are staying in their pockets!”

Also, you’ll know that BD knows a little French, and has his U.S. geography down.

And a side note to this: I’ve been putting this together all season, game by game, and almost lost it at one point. But evidently, the world was meant to see this.