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Behind Enemy Lines: Taking Russ to the Finals

Behind Enemy Lines: Taking Russ to the Finals
Via Twitter

I was browsing Twitter during Game 2 of the NBA Finals — doing anything possible to distract myself from, you know, the NBA Finals. This series is difficult for fans of competitive basketball, but it’s particularly tough for those of us that cheer for the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors being MonStar-esque is one thing, but watching Kevin Durant personally destroy the Cavaliers is almost too much to stomach. I needed a hero to come distract me from the madness.

That’s when I stumbled across Brian Edwards.

Edwards, a Tulsa native, began popping up in tweets from Oracle Arena on Sunday night — and it was immediately clear he’s the hero OKC deserves, and also the one it needs right now. Along with wife Rebecca, the duo took in Game 2 while wearing full sets of Thunder armor. I had to learn a bit more about these wonderful human beings, so I tracked him down on Twitter and found him nice enough to answer some questions about what inspired this legendary act of Thunder fandom.

Meet your newest hero.

1. First and foremost — who are you, where are you from and what the heck were you doing in Oakland?

Brian and Rebecca Edwards from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I won tickets, hotel, and airfare playing the NBA InPlay app.

2. What made you decide the Russ jersey was appropriate? Were you nervous about the treatment you’d receive?

I debated all week long to family and friends about wearing either my [Thunder] Durant or Westbrook jersey. No, I haven’t burned my Durant jerseys. I had decided Durant, but my brother text me while I was in San Francisco and said I had better wear Westbrook. #whynot


3.  How did Warriors fans react to the fashion statement? Did any one reaction stand out above the rest?

A few snickers and boos, but for the most part nobody said anything. Can’t blame a guy for wearing the 2017 MVP’s jersey. One guy in particular, @kingjamesofdfs had to take a picture and said that he had a lot of followers on Twitter. One fan where we were sitting was being obnoxious to a Cavs fan, so I think I made the right decision with the Westbrook jersey.

4. Your wife agreed that this was a good idea?

She is definitely the better half. She didn’t let me get too rowdy at all. We spent two days in San Francisco beforehand. It has been an amazing trip.

At the Oakland A’s game before Game 2.

5. Worth it?

Absolutely. Free trip to California. Only wish it was OKC in the Finals. We had a blast. Thunder Up!

So there you have it — today’s king of Thunder Nation. Shout out to Brian for being nice enough to answer some questions, and may he never have to pay for a beer at the ‘Peake ever again.