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Answering your questions: The DT-Shirts FAQ

Answering your questions: The DT-Shirts FAQ

Due to unlucky scheduling conflicts, I happened to be out of town when the t-shirt stuff went up. And evidently there were some questions/concerns/comments about them. So I’m going to cover a few things right quick.

First, the flippin’ sweet designs:


Next, an actual shirt:


Now, some questions I’m asking myself:

What kind of shirts are these printed on?
American Apparel. These aren’t stiff cotton craptastic shirts. These will be soft, quality and nice.

How much will they cost?
Anywhere from $15-25.

What sizes will they come in?
Small, medium, large and X-large.

When do they go on sale?
In the next week or two. We’re ironing out details. They’ll be ready for the holidays. Speaking of… I do believe they’d make a wonderful gift. No, we do not do gift wrapping.

I think you should do a Durantula shirt. Why isn’t there one?
There will be. That was one of the very first ideas. But we’re releasing a limited first run to sort of gauge interest and see if this is something we can really press on with. If the first run does well, we’ll do more and more and more. More designs, more shirts, more everything. We really think these can be big time. So consider this first release a test run of sorts with more to come in the very near future.

I have an idea for a shirt. What do you recommend I do?
Email it to me.

I don’t like the coloring on the Harden shirt. And I think Zombie Sonics is offensive. And I don’t get the Westbrook, Durant, Krstic shirt. And Go Green! is cheesy.
Not a question and I don’t care what you think. I think they look awesome. Don’t buy one if you don’t like it.

Do you want critiques and criticisms about the shirts?

I still don’t get the Westbrook, Harden, Durant, Green and Krstic shirt. Help?
It’s a parody of old NWA shirts. Which one of the five is not like the others and why? Still not getting it? Because Krstic is white you see.

Where do I buy them?
When they go on sale, you can buy them through DT or Tree and Leaf’s store. You can also buy them at Tree and Leaf’s physical store and skip out on any shipping costs.

Should I tell my friends?
Hmm. Yes.

Can I buy multiple shirts?
I just want your money. Buy 50 if you want.

Do you ship overseas?
Sure do.

Can I get the Harden shirt in a different color?
As of right now, no. But in the future, this may be possible.

Just shirts?
We may have stickers, prints and other things coming up too.

I bought my shirt two months ago and after Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m too fat to wear it now. Can I get a new one?
No. Take a jog. Fatty.

Are there any legal concerns with using player names, likeness et cetera et cetera?
No, none. We’re up to snuff. Have no fear. Thanks for you concern though.

I want just a plain “Daily Thunder” shirt. Can I get that?
That may be possible. If enough people want them, we could probably make it happen. Like I said, MANY MORE DESIGNS ARE COMING. I think I gave Dusty 35 original ideas. We’re picking the best of the best. Or at least what we think those are.

Will you autograph my shirt?
If you really, really, really want me to, I will. I’m a man of the people.

What’s your favorite one Royce?
Honestly, I truly like them all, but I’m kind of partial to the Zombie Sonics one. I really dig that one.

I’m really psyched about the shirts. I think we can kind of corner the market on cool Thunder shirts, plus I won’t lie and act like I’m not hoping people will wear them to games and raise some Daily Thunder awareness. If you hate the shirts, then don’t buy one. It’s simple. If you like them, I’m happy for you and I hope you want one. I think they’re super cool and I’m really excited about the partnership with Tree and Leaf. They’ve been more than awesome and I think we’ve got a lot of cool things coming up. This first run they might go quick, but we’ll have plenty so don’t worry. If you want a shirt, we’ll make sure you get one. Well, that is if you fork over the green stuff.

Parting thought: BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY.