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Announcing the Daily Thunder Patreon

Become a Patron!

We’re greatful for everyone who supports Daily Thunder by reading, sharing, commenting, and dinging our inbox with helpful feedback. We’re committed to providing the same great Thunder content for everyone. If you aren’t interested in becoming a patron of Daily Thunder, nothing will change: we will still be posting our content every day for anyone who wants to read it.

For those who wish to support us financially, we’re launching a Patreon. To be clear, this is not a paywall requiring you to subscribe in order to enjoy Daily Thunder every day. We crafted this avenue for supporters of the site to help us build our capacity and give perks to supporters that felt valuable, rather than simply asking for donations.

We’re starting with a single tier that provides early access to DT content, along with an added level of communication from the team to our patrons (see the Weekend Edition for a peek at the latter).

Aside from maintaining the standard of quality you’ve come to expect at Daily Thunder, your support will allow us to:

  • Compensate writers and other contributors to the site
  • Keep the site clean from both intrusive ads and clickbait-y content
  • Plan live local events
  • Produce merchandise worthy of the Thunder fanbase’s enthusiasm

Your support will help us support those who contribute to the site and deliver more for the reading community, with some perks to make it worth your while. As a Fan patron of Daily Thunder (more tiers coming soon), here’s what you’ll get:

Fan Patron – $5 monthly.

  • Receive the Weekend Edition, a rundown of the best stories, news, tweets, and shenanigans from the Thunder universe, complete with a letter from the editor
  • Early access to Daily Thunder podcasts and select content

This is a modest start, but we will have more robust tiers and perks in the near future. Think t-shirts, watch parties, and John mowing your lawn. If you have any feedback or ideas for what would interest you as a potential subscriber, let us know.

– Cray Allred & John Napier