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All-Star Game open thread and live diary

All-Star Game open thread and live diary

Wrapping up a fun weekend by having the best basketball players in the universe play five-on-five is a pretty good way to put a cap on All-Star Weekend 2010. Let me tell you, this is going to be nuts. Usher is performing, Cowboys Stadium is absolutely insane and just the entire atmosphere is pretty special. And the fact Kevin Durant is playing in this game and is probably one of the biggest stories is just gravy.

I’ll be updating from Jerry’s World as much as possible. So hang around, chat about the game, talk about the huge Mavs-Wizards deal or the potential trade sending Amare Stoudemire to Cleveland.

7:06 PM CST: Before we do anything, admire me on the front page of ESPN.com (guy on the right). No I do not have a black eye and no I didn’t not put on an absurd amount of mascara. Just the usual amount.

7:18: The lights go down and we’re about ready to roll. I watched Usher’s pregame performance rehearsal three times and enjoyed it every darn time. So safe to say, I’m looking forward to it again.

7:25: It’s disappointing not having Shaq because this means we don’t get any fun dancing. I don’t really see Tim Duncan busting out any moves.

7:28: See, that’s why you can count on LeBron. He’s like a a Broadway choreographer. Always coming up with something.

7:32: The player introductions were of course amazing, as always. Maybe that’s what All-Star Saturday should be from now on. Get rid of the dunk contest and just have players come out to cool hip-hop music. Makes sense to me.

7:33: I forgive you for flashing the horns KD. I really do. Let’s just not do it again for a while, alright?

7:42: ETA for tipoff: Tomorrow afternoon around 4.

7:50: And we’re off! When is Kevin Durant coming in when is Kevin Durant coming in when is Kevin Durant coming in when is Kevin Durant coming in?

7:56: An excellent question in tweet form from Witness22: “I wonder when the last time Kevin Durant didn’t start a game?” I’m guessing… never ever ever.

8:01: Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are dunking off a trampoline, like the mascots do. Now THAT’S what the real dunk contest should be. Wouldn’t that top the M*A*S*H finale ratings? I’m taking this directly to David Stern after the game.

8:07: Durant is pulling off the warmups. DURANTULA IS READY TO STRIKE.

8:11: KD is in and ready to dominate your life. This is a little too exciting for me.

8:20: KD honestly looks a tad bit nervous. He didn’t follow through all the way on that jumper.

8:27: Maybe the coolest thing about the All-Star Game is you get a halftime show-worthy performance at nearly every timeout. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an appearance from the Almost-Drown-A-Woman-In-A-Tank group.

8:31: Durant using his spider arms to go up and grab an oop. He’s quietly got 10 points, three behind ‘Melo’s game-high. However, Durant is tied with ‘Melo for the game-high in attempts with 11.

8:41: I’m sitting here in an amazing stadium, with the biggest screen known to man in front of me, watching the absolute greatest players in the world playing a game, yet when KD went out, I lose some interest. I really need to work on expanding my NBA fanboy boundaries.

8:50: It’s Shakira and Alicia Keys for the halftime show. Color me indifferent. Can we just do the player introductions again instead?

8:55: A discussion I was having with some other writers as we watch Shakira shake her backside on this giant screen: For a sport that promotes itself as so family and kid family, the NBA sure does have a lot of women dancing with little clothing going on. And it’s not only dancing, but a lot of thrusting and shaking, if you know what I mean. I don’t mean go all Get Off My Lawn You Darn Kids here, but I just find that strange. I’m not a father, but I can imagine if I were sitting 15 rows back and a lady was dancing in a little to no clothing in front of us, it would be somewhat awkward. Anyway, carry on. But I wanted to share.

9:06: Do you think the players wished they were out enjoying the halftime show instead of hearing SVG screech about a meaningless game? I’m thinking that would be a yes.

9:26: Last update, 20 minutes ago. You know why? Because halftime was a full 40 minutes. Talk about a total buzzkill.

9:30: And Dwight Howard completely wakes up the building. In much the same way punters were kicking the football into the giant scoreboard, I think Dwight Howard might hit his head on it before the night’s over.

9:33: LeBron and Dwight Howard have suddenly made this very fun.

9:39: Needs more Durant.

9:44: A quick pan of celebrities finds Floyd Mayweather and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The biggest cheer comes when the camera puts up Shaq. I guess you could say we’re not stocked full tonight with the big names.

9:48: Durant standing open on the wing, hand up, calling for the ball. Pau Gasol instead backs down and airballs a hook. MORE SHOTS FOR DURANTULA PLEASE.

9:50: It’s like they’re reading this. Shots of Spike Lee and Ludacris get a nice cheer.

9:52: Durant sinks a buzzer-beating 3. I sense a big fourth quarter coming from KD. It feels like he’s going to get a chance to really open it up.

9:55: Official attendance for the game is 108,713. Wow. I’m totally impressed. And to think I’m one of those people makes me feel so warm inside. I WAS PART OF HISTORY.

9:59: KD isn’t taking this lightly. He’s working pretty hard. He’s attacking the offensive glass and isn’t completely slouching on defense. The best part is, Durant cares less about the appearance of playing hard, but more about the fact he’s on a basketball court, so therefore he should play hard.

10:06: Durant’s first half shots: 11. Second half: two. KD needs more touches on the offensive end. He hasn’t had it in his hands in four possessions.

10:13: KD checks out with a little over five minutes left. That’s probably it for the Thunderman. Fifteen points (7-14) and five rebounds in 20 minutes isn’t bad at all.

Well, I do believe that’s pretty much it. I’m heading down to hopefully get a little video from Durant talking about tonight’s game. Thanks for following along, if you did.