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A little more from Boston

A little more from Boston

I found this post on the blog called Red’s Army, and I thought it was interesting enough to repost. Especially in line with Royce’s earlier post about Garnett’s post game comments, and his subsequent fine for said comments. The picture to the left is the first of a few more in an article called ” A referee’s guide to calling an Oklahoma City game“.

Click on over and enjoy some humor from the Boston perspective. I think it’s funny and creative even if it’s obviously intended to make a slanted point.

My take on the whole thing about Boston feeling like the Thunder got “all the calls” is that it is a little hypocritical. For me, from a fan’s perspective of many years, it seems that Boston, the Lakers and Cleveland complain about calls (all the while doing everything under the sun to draw calls) more than the other 27 teams combined.

But I digress. Enjoy a little Saturday humor.