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Thursday Bolts – 10.8.15

Thursday Bolts – 10.8.15
BoltsLogoNew1Dan Feldman of PBT

: “Durant might get hurt again. His foot injuries were more serious than we initially knew, and they were already pretty troubling. There might be something about his long, lanky frame and playing style that leaves him susceptible to injury. Plenty of players have had their careers derailed by foot injuries. If Durant has a structural issue, that’s it. The Thunder can’t win without him. But if he and Westbrook remain healthy, we might look back on this team as the NBA’s best. It will still have to cross several landmines, but the potential is there.”

Anthony Slater on last night’s game: “Westbrook is the quarterback of this reformed offensive attack. But Donovan is the coordinator. And he passed his first NBA test. Last season, the Thunder’s season-high was 31 assists. On Wednesday, OKC had 34 assists. Seven players had at least two. Seven players scored in double-figures.”

Russell Westbrook will induct KD into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Holy cow, Caron Butler’s account of the Gilbert Arenas gun incident:  “I didn’t panic because I’d been through far worse, heard gunshots more times than I could count, and seen it all before. This would have been just another day on the south side. I talked calmly to Javaris, reminding him that his entire career, not to mention, perhaps, his life, would be over if he flicked that trigger finger. I looked back at Gilbert. He was silent as he removed himself from the scene. Javaris slowly lowered the gun.”

Russ is doing an AMA on Oct. 14.

James Herbert of CBSSports.com: “This was an inconsequential exhibition game against a young team that was resting its starting point guard, Ricky Rubio. It was also a reminder that, when the Thunder’s three best players are healthy and clicking, they’re almost impossible to handle. This could be the start of a special season.”

Stephen A. Smith claims he and KD are fine.