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2017 All-Star Game primer

2017 All-Star Game primer

East All-Stars (37-28) vs. West All-Stars (28-37)

Radio: NBA SiriusXM
Time: 7:00 PM CST

Ever since Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors, we knew this day would be a possibility. We knew, if healthy, he would eventually step foot back in Oklahoma City and play at the ‘Peake. And he did on February 11th. But we also knew there was a possibility that Durant and Russell Westbrook would have to share the court as teammates if they both made the All-Star game. So here we are. They’ve had a couple practices together. They’ve had to do interviews in the same room, with questions about each other. It’s probably been about as awkward as it can get. But it’s something that both of them knew would happen.

3 Big Things

1. Westbrook and the Warriors

There is the possibility that Westbrook will be on the floor with the other four Warriors on the All-Star team. Will they freeze him out? Will he freeze them out? Steve Kerr is a big enough troll to probably try it out for a couple minutes.

2. All-Star Game MVP

Westbrook has won the last two All-Star Game MVP’s. I don’t think he’ll win it this year because of fatigue. But he may also win it because of narrative. My optimal situation: He wins the MVP with a crazy All-Star game triple-double.

3. My dream scenario

Westbrook steals the ball and Durant is ahead of him on the break. Instead of passing it like he normally does, Westbrook takes the ball all the way to the hoop and stares Durant down as he dunks it, Dave Chappelle Prince style.