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Wednesday Bolts – 11.28.12

Wednesday Bolts – 11.28.12

The most popular jersey list is out and LeBron is No. 1, taking over the spot from Derrick Rose who slipped to No. 5. KD has climbed all the way up to No. 2, edging out Kobe and Carmelo. Russell Westbrook jumps up to No. 12, making his first appearance on the list. Rajon Rondo is six, Dwyane Wade seven, Blake Griffin eight, Dwight Howard nine and Chris Paul 10.

Fran Blinebury of NBA.com on Harden’s return: “That’s all Harden, Durant and Westbrook could think about as they stood on the sidelines that night in Miami, arm-in-arm in defeat, side-by-side secure in the belief that they would keep moving ahead together. Did he consider for a moment that he would only return to OKC this season for just one game as an outsider. ‘To be honest, I didn’t,’ Harden said. ‘Especially coming off The Finals and basically being together (with Durant and Westbrook) all summer with the Olympics. It happened so fast, happened so fast … Everything happens for a reason and now I’m in a different situation.’ The Beard growing among different faces.”

The PTI timeline of LeBron James is fascinating.

Dan Devine of BDL on Thabeet’s career night: “After spending his first three NBA seasons flailing due in part to a sashimi-raw offensive game, a lack of defensive understanding that led him to foul like crazy and ever-present pressure to do more, be more and be better right now! to live up to his lofty draft position, Thabeet is now in a place where hardly anything’s expected of him — as a spot-minutes big on a short-money deal, a confirmed bust whose prior failures have actually freed him to start his career’s second act. (Well, if you count those stints in Houston and Portland, technically this is his fourth act. But let’s not quibble.)”

BDL offers up Russell Westbrook’s awkward layup against the Bobcats.

Dante Jordan of The Lost Ogle says he got a letter from Thabeet’s hair: “Soon after Hash was drafted, my life completely fell apart. The NBA was a lot different than I’d expected and it was starting to wear on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Then one late Sunday night, after returning home from a 5-Game road trip, I walked into my house only to found my wife in bed with Gryffindor, Blake Griffin’s Talent. It broke me.”

Thabeet did a Twitter Q&A yesterday that went well: “@justmeg87: @HasheemTheDream How often do you hit your head when walking through a door?” EVERYTIME I WALK INTO A PLACE THAT HAVE DOORS.. ”

Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com: “Martin doesn’t have the history with the Thunder that Harden did. But he already has developed good relationships with Durant and Kendrick Perkins. The team believes more time will lead to more trust, the sort that is needed in tough, playoff-type environments. As the season goes along the Thunder may be able to add to their bench via trade or free agency as they did last season when they signed Derek Fisher in March. Before all that plays out, though, they are showing plenty of signs that the trade has not weakened them meaningfully. With the way Durant is performing and Westbrook is sharing the ball, there’s a chance it could end up making them a more dynamic team.”

Spin took a look at the top NBA teams that have players mentioned in rap songs. OKC is tied with a whole bunch of teams with three.