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Wednesday Bolts – 10.5.16

Wednesday Bolts – 10.5.16

Tom Haberstroh of ESPN Insider on players in the East that could be traded: “I think it’s a real


possibility, especially if the Rio Olympics made Butler hungry for more immediate success. I could see any one of Rondo, Wade or Butler becoming available this season, but moving Butler would net the most return at the deadline, and it would also give the Bulls a fresh start in the Fred Hoiberg era. Who would be interested? Just about every team with an opening on the wing. Depending on Chicago’s willingness to deal within the division, Detroit (always lurking on the trade front) and Milwaukee (don’t discount the Marquette factor) make sense as a potential landing spot for Butler. Philadelphia could work as well, with its glut of bigs. And never count out Boston on the trade front.”

Friend of the blog Jon Hamm for Bleacher Report: “The league could increase cap hits for pre-2016 contracts and attempt to close this particular loophole. The projected $102 million salary cap in 2017 could also come in lower than expected. Some unforeseen new quirk could derail the best-laid plans, and much is out of the Thunder’s control. All they can do is plan with today’s known rules. That uncertainty could be enough to make them move ahead with the status quo. Presti and his staff will undoubtedly monitor training camp and preseason for indicators. If they come away confident enough with what they have in hand, they may choose to lock it in now and eschew free agency.”

Damian Lillard: “If somebody wants to go join people and do that, it’s not against the rules. They can do it. It’s just more pressure to win when you do it. Some people say, ‘Oh, they had to do that to win it,’ but we play the game to win it. So when people do it, that’s their decision. I wouldn’t do it. That’s just not who I am. I might have too much pride for that or be too much of a competitor where I couldn’t bring myself to do it, but it also makes it more fun. You get to take a monster down and that’s always fun.”

If you missed it, thoughts on the Real Madrid game.

Steven Adams is out today.

Erik Horne: “Abrines was added to the Thunder roster this summer with excitement surrounding his arrival. But when he didn’t get much run in the Rio Olympics with Spain – in the process, picking up a knee injury – it was a question how much he’d contribute in his first season in the NBA. And frankly, it’s still a question. Abrines is still in need of some muscle and experience on defense. But what’s not a question is the 23-year-old’s shooting ability. Abrines was the first player Donovan called on off the bench in the first half and he responded with a confident display.”

Enjoyed this piece from #HeyWindy on the Timberpups: “But the team needs Wiggins to grow into his potential, to be heading into the conversation for All-Star and All-NBA teams starting now. Going into his third season, this is the time when he should be taking large leaps forward. Thibodeau is spending extra time with him, watching him work on individual drills after practice and giving special instruction. There’s significant excitement around the team, the idea that Thibodeau’s arrival combined with natural maturation of young players could truly create the roots of a serious team. Combined with a new practice facility and a renovated Target Center, there is a feeling of rebirth. Thibodeau, of course, is more focused on the work than anything else.”