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Top 10 Thunder moments from 2010-11

I was planning on putting together my own top 10 Thunder plays for the regular season, but wouldn’t you know it, the NBA went ahead and did it for me. And I think they did a pretty darn good job including everything I would.

A couple that I’d toss out though for honorable mention:

Serge Ibaka stuffing Tyson Chandler: So Chandler probably actually lost the ball on the way up. Still, it was an awesome looking block live.

Serge Ibaka at the dunk contest: It didn’t get near the love it deserved, but Serge’s dunk from the free throw line was amazing.

Russell Westbrook’s windmill: His teammates had been giving him guff for not having the spine to break out something special in-game. Well, he did.

Kevin Durant’s 3 to tie Philly: Much like the 3 last season to crush the Knicks, KD’s 3 to send the game to overtime was just massive.

Serge Ibaka stuffing Blake Griffin: What made this one so sweet was that Griffin had been getting under OKC’s skin all night with his falling, talking, staring and drama. Then he tried to put Ibaka on a poster. But Serge was having none of it.

KD’s 8-0 run against Portland: I don’t know why, but I just really liked this moment.

Durant and the fake tough guy: KD came and stood up for his teammate and then took it to the locker room after infamously calling Bosh a “fake tough guy.” Points for KD.