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Thursday Bolts – 9.29.16

Thursday Bolts – 9.29.16

Erik Horne: “Thunder assistant coach Adrian Griffin, who was coaching the White Team, stood


up off the bench to remind McGary “when you’re at the five you have to roll (to the basket).” McGary himself admitted at media day that he needed to get back into shape and it showed. The scrimmage was played at a frenetic pace, turnovers aplenty and about one stoppage per 10-minute quarter, leading to player fatigue. Still, there was an instance where McGary rebounded and took off on the fast break. He fought for post position against Joffrey Lauvergne and camp invites Chris Wright and Kaleb Tarczewski. By the end of the fourth quarter, with McGary winded, Tarczewski had five quick points.”

Brett Dawson: “But while the Thunder would take a contribution from Abrines this season, it shouldn’t count on one. Born in 1993 — the same year as rookies Buddy Hield of the Pelicans and Denzel Valentine of the Bulls — Abrines is roughly the same age as a player entering the NBA after a four-year college career. But while he’s played against elite competition in Europe, Abrines has dramatically less experience against American players than his college-educated contemporaries. He’s adjusting to a new team, a new style of play, a new country and a new and better league. It’s going to take time.”

Real plus-minus protections for the top 100 players.

The Cavs can’t stop watching Game 7.

Erik Horne: “Will the Thunder’s ball movement lead to buckets? Players such as Andre Roberson and Enes Kanter have both professed this preseason that the ball is being shared more with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka in Golden State and Orlando, respectively. But will more touches for the rest of the Thunder’s players turn into points? For all the complaints of offensive stagnation about the Thunder at times, Durant and Ibaka were efficient shooters, each among the team’s Top 4 in shooting percentage last season (Durant 50.5, Ibaka 47.9).”

Would you like to hate watch something?