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Thunder Notebook: Thursday, April 26

Fair Weather Pardons

In the immediate aftermath of the Thunder’s miraculous Game 5 comeback, Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City issued a pardon for fans that had left early/given up:

I mean, it’s local politician humor but it’s all in good fun. Today, Holt began issuing those pardons with some help from an old friend:

It’s pretty funny how Kanter has thrust himself back into the playoff spotlight of a team he doesn’t even play for anymore. Between all this and the “Stache Bros” t-shirt he wore in the crowd, it’s almost like he never left.

Also — enjoy your pardons. You only get one before Mayor Holt layeth the smack down.

Felton the Orator?

According to Fred Katz of the Norman Transcript, Raymond Felton lit a fire under the Thunder during the halftime break of Game 5. OKC was down 15 at this point and had just scored 12 points in the entire second quarter.

Via Katz:

“Wednesday’s performance had been another decrepit one with the Jazz outdoing them in any possible aspect of the game — and most importantly, with their energy and effort. “It was usual but kind of sad,” one Thunder player described the situation.
But with possibly only 24 minutes remaining in the Thunder’s season, Felton spoke.
Do we want this?’ he asked. ‘Are we ready to just hang this up and go home?’
The Thunder waited a bit. But apparently, they listened. And they weren’t ready to hang anything.”

While the Jazz actually extended their lead to 25 during the first four minutes of the third quarter, I like to imagine it was Felton who sparked the turnaround. Not Westbrook’s 45 points or Paul George’s 34 — no, it had to be Felton asking “Do we want this?” Everything makes sense now.

The Run

The Thunder released a video today titled “The Run.” Re-live every moment of OKC’s frantic comeback as if it were the first time.

Chills, baby. I’ve yet to wrap my mind around this.

Westbrook Second Half Montage

Twitter’s @GifdSports posted a video last night that featured all of Russell Westbrook’s second half field goals from Game 5. Because the Thunder cheated death and lived to fight another day, I took said footage and set it to “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. No holding back now. We’re all playing with house money.

Hard-hitting journalism like this is why you’re here, I know.

Game 5 Social Story

Twitter was in pure chaos as the Thunder marched back and eventually overtook Utah in Game 5. Here is how the comeback played out online:

New Mr. Presti’s Neighborhood podcast coming later today. Game 6 is tomorrow at 9:30 PM CT. Aren’t you glad it’s still basketball season?