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Thunder Journal: 5 Takeaways After 5 Games

Thunder Journal: 5 Takeaways After 5 Games

5. Cason Wallace is NBA ready.

It's not just that he hit his first five 3-pointers of his career. It's not just that he's already leapfrogged every reserve and is averaging 20 minutes per game. It's not just that he's shooting 81.3% from the field or that his defense is every bit as good as all those YouTube scouting reports claimed. Wallace always seems to be in the right position, making the right cut, making the right switch, making winning plays. Cason’s basketball smarts on both sides of the court stand out as something special for a 19 year-old rookie.

4. Where is Vasa?

Vasilije Micic is a EuroLeague MVP,  a two time EuroLeague champion and Finals MVP and the oldest rookie in the NBA at 29 years old. When he finally signed with the Thunder this season, most fans expected Micic to play big minutes as one of the main contributors off the bench. So far, he’s appeared in two games and played a total of 20 minutes. Vasa flashed his playmaking ability in the preseason. I still think he’s being eased in or working to earn minutes and that he will play real role for this squad this season. As someone who has spent each of the last three offseasons studying at least an hour and a half of Micic highlights in anticipation of his eventual OKC signing and therefore am the foremost OKC media authority on all things Vasa, I’m fully convinced his talent will translate to the NBA.

3. Ups and Downs.

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