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Thunder Journal: Games of Consequence

Thunder Journal: Games of Consequence

Time flies when you’re having a season exceeding all possible expectations.

Somehow, there’s less than one week remaining in the NBA season. Only three games. And against all odds, my final DT Journal of the regular season will be a breakdown of meaningful basketball left to be played for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Excuse me, make that “games of consequence.”

Despite last week’s disappointing run of barely beating the Blazers, the low point of losing to the Charade Hornets, the JDub heroics saving a would-be lower point Pistons game and the frustratingly flukey 4-30 from three loss to the Pacers, OKC bounced back against Phoenix. No, it wasn’t a win. Nobody's beaten the KD-Booker-CP3 Suns. But for the first time since Shai Gilgeous-Alexander rolled his ankle, the Thunder looked like the high effort upstarts who have shocked the NBA this season.

Mark Daigneault said after the Suns loss that if the Thunder play that way, they can put their heads on their pillows at night knowing they gave it their best. And the pulse of the fans is much the same: they just want to see the fun, competitive bunch we’ve all grown accustomed to cheering on all season.

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