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The Rumbling Herd – Ep. 2

This week on what’s still going to be called The Rumbling Herd for now:

  • I talk with my buddy Andy about the Ford Center fan experience. What’s good, what’s not and whatever else.
  • We make some bold and not so bold predictions about the upcoming season.
  • We talk about branding the Thunder and how the team can get to the recognition level in this state along the lines of OU and OSU.
  • And we bullcrap about… crap.

Anyway, hope it kills some time on this lovely Friday for you. And hopefully some of the mixing/sound issues have been at least… improved. Next week I’ll hopefully have a little more prestigious guest on. No offense Andy. Oh, and maybe a new name too. Who knows. It’s the hook that brings you back. Yee-haw.