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The Podcast: The one with guest Rob Mahoney (who is smart)

On this episode of the unnamed podcast, Rob Mahoney of the excellent, excellent Dallas blog The Two Man Game stops by (Why do people say stops by? He didn’t stop by… I called him. Weird.)  to discuss stuff. Big, important stuff. We chat about (keep in mind, this was recorded late yesterday so if “last night” throws you off, that’s why) :

  • The Thunder-Mavs game from Wednesday
  • Russell Westbrook, his development and what he really is or should be
  • “Positionality” in the NBA, or the concept of
  • What could have maybe been with Rodrigue Beaubois
  • Expectations for the Mavericks

You’ll be slightly smarter after you listen. I promise. Well, I don’t promise, but I think you might be. Maybe. Check it out and be sure to read Rob at Hardwood Paroxysm and The Two Man Game. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. His Moving Pictures feature is a must-see.