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The first ever Daily Thunder MockTest

Who wants something free? Well, if you do then get ready to join the first ever Daily Thunder Mock Draft Contest. Basically, it’s simple:

  • Predict what happens with both the Thunder’s first and second pick. 10 points awarded for nailing the first, 15 for nailing the second. 5 points if the player is taken one spot (on either side) of your pick.
  • You can predict a trade, but don’t try and include players. But you do have to predict who OKC traded with. That counts as getting the pick correct. (Example: If you think OKC trades either it’s pick or the player they are drafting, just put “OKC trades third pick to Toronto.”)
  • Also, select ANY four other teams (except one can’t be the Clippers) and predict their FIRST ROUND pick (if the team has two in the first, just pick one and specify the number). Trade predictions still accepted. 10 points for nailing it, five for being within one on either side. Doesn’t matter what teams. I’d advise against Orlando though. They don’t have one.

Highest point total wins something wonderful (and gets acknowledged for being smarter than all of their Thunder peers). Maybe it’s a Chucky Atkins banner. Maybe it’s courtside season tickets. Maybe it’s Major League II on DVD. The only way to find out is to enter and win. Second place may or may not receive a congratulatory email from me. We’ll see how I feel that day.

Email your picks to royceyoung41@gmail.com. I promise I’ll be fair. Unless your last name is “Young” and you happen to be my wife. Then all bets are off.