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The Daily Thunder Podcast: Tyler Parker

The Daily Thunder Podcast: Tyler Parker

On the debut/inaugural release/maiden voyage/other cliche/FIRST EPISODE of the official Daily Thunder podcast, Brandon Rahbar (your host) brings Ringer writer and old DT haunt Tyler Parker on for a discussion rife with Tyler’s patented brio:

  • Team Tank vs. Team Playoffs
  • Chris Paul top-25 player?
  • Chris Paul the white elephant oven mitt?
  • Presti magic

Then Brandon and producer Rachael Jamison dig through your mailbag questions:

  • Another Thunder podcast?
  • Will Steven Adams survive the teardown?
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s accelerated expectations

Finally, DT’s Senior Writer Olivia Panchal joins the show to dish on:

  • Darius Bazley (duh)
  • The market for player’s like Danilo Gallinari and Dennis Schroder
  • Thunder wishes for the Christmas season
  • Lightning round

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