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The Daily Thunder Podcast: Jesse James Larch

The Daily Thunder Podcast: Jesse James Larch

Brandon Rahbar welcomes Jesse James Larch of Garbage into Gold: A Sixers Podcast to talk 76ers/Thunder ahead of their matchup:

  • How does the Thunder’s rebuild compare with the Sixers “Process”?
  • If they do eventually tank, will OKC be as scrutinized as Sam Hinkie and Philly were?
  • The Game 36 matchup: how the teams stack up and the different complexion of the rivalry this season

Then Brandon and producer Rachael Jamison run down their top-19(ish) moments of 2019, before being joined by Spenser Davis (Daily Thunder, Dallas Morning News) to talk about the best prospects of the 2020 NBA Draft, whether the Thunder will even pick in the lottery, and whether/how Oklahoma City could build around Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

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