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Sir Iblocka, Chewblocka, The Sergeon… what say you?

Over the past day or two, you incredibly creative Thunder fans have been tossing out excellent nickname suggestions for everyone’s new favorite player, Serge Ibaka. As one reader wisely point out, Ibaka’s name itself is so entirely awesome that it almost serves alone as a cool nickname. But the possibilities… oh the possibilities.

So here’s what we’ve heard so far:
Sir Iblocka
Sir Blocka
Serge Iblocka
Pantera Voladora (Leaping Panther in Spanish)
King Congo
The Sergeon
Ibaka Blocka
Sergesaurus Rex

I think my vote goes to “Sir Blocka.” Simple, sweet and makes sense. Especially after last night’s absolute shot destruction of Grant Hill’s layup. Your thoughts? Too many options for a poll, but we need a consensus. These are important things people. Very important.