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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Goodbye Earl

(Mornin’ campers. Thanks for your support of Daily Thunder. I brought donuts and juice.)

So we said goodbye to Earl Watson yesterday and let me tell you, I spent hours – and by hours I mean seconds – scouring the depths of the interweb for a proper sendoff for the now former Thunder great. Earl gave us some great memories – the between the legs pass to Jeff Green on the break that busted the net; his off-the-glass oop to Russell Westbrook; and his countless missed wide open elbow jumpers. When I close my eyes and go to a dark place, that’s what I see – Earl pulling up from 18 for a stupid, stupid jumper and bricking it back iron. So we put a bow on the Earl Watson Era and thank him for his service. Now enjoy this video of Earl getting the crap swatted out of him.