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Saturday Morning Cartoons: 23

(Good day Thunderpeeps. As always, much appreciation for the support of Daily Thunder. Viva la college football.)

I realize everybody has spent the last week putting together clip shows and commemorative columns about Michael Jordan. So what I have to say isn’t revolutionary or really all that insightful. But I have to take this spot to give it up to No. 23.

I think just about anyone else near my age group has to admit he’s the first and maybe only reason we fell in love with this game to start with. I mean who didn’t dribble around in their driveway with their tongue hanging out? Who didn’t beg their mom to buy them the newest pair of Air Jordan’s? Who didn’t fight with other kids on their pee wee league to wear No. 23? Who did try to back down their friend on a Nerf goal and then spin and fadeaway? Who hasn’t shrugged after hitting a 3, jumped up and pulled out the Craig Ehlo fist pump or tried the up and under move? He’s an icon’s icon and bigger than life. He’s freaking MJ.

And just like MJ brought so many of us into the world of the NBA, we can probably thank him for the likes of Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Russell Westbrook and most every other under 30 player. Instead of using their insane athletic abilities in another sport they probably chose basketball so that they could be like Mike.

So here’s my favorite Jordan moment. Maybe it’s not your favorite and maybe not the most memorable for you. We all have Our Moment. But I remember exactly where I was when I watched this – on the floor in front of my TV sitting Indian style with my older brother. The flu game is emblazoned in my brain like nothing else. It changed the way I thought about Jordan and still remains as one of the top five or six sports moments I have witnessed live.