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Recapping Nike’s 2017-18 Uniform Changes

Recapping Nike’s 2017-18 Uniform Changes
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With Nike set to take over as the NBA’s official uniform provider, there have been grumblings of a potential upgrade to Oklahoma City’s basic set of threads. With its official announcement today, the Swoosh has laid the framework for what fans should expect heading into next season.

Let’s take a look at what it all means for the Thunder.

The Basics

  • Oklahoma City will have four total uniform options, not including the Christmas day alternate.
  • Nike is doing away with traditional home and away designations. Home teams will choose their jersey, and away teams must contrast.
  • The Thunder is not scheduled for a full re-brand. The logo, color schemes, etc., will remain consistent.
  • The move effectively eliminates the Sunset and sleeved “Pride” jerseys from the rotation.

Here is a brief explanation of the four combinations that will be available starting next season:

Association Edition (Traditional Home)

The “Association Edition” is a fancy way of describing the Thunder’s traditional home whites, and these should remain mostly unchanged outside of a few tweaks. Obviously the Nike logo will take the place of Adidas, but there’s no word on if any further changes will be made. Because the home and away designations have been eliminated, it’s possible the team will occasionally wear these in opposing arenas.

In explaining the significance, Nike says the option, “Links them as members of the most exclusive basketball club in the world. It represents an achievement that most athletes have worked their entire lives to reach.”

Fair enough.

Icon Edition (Traditional Away)

The “Icon Edition” is no different than the traditional away blues, and again — there isn’t much suggesting they will receive anything more than a slight adjustment. Fans in Oklahoma City will see these at the ‘Peake, which is new, but that could very well be the end of any surprises here.

Nike says these jerseys “Represent the rich heritage and iconic identity that exists within each franchise. This edition utilizes the team’s primary color, a color that dominates the closets of the most diehard fans.”

Athlete’s Mindset & Community Editions

The final two uniform options the Thunder will have next season are the “Athlete’s Mindset” and “Community” editions. No details have been released at this time, but fans should expect the designs to intertwine organizational branding with elements from the community and players themselves.

These have the potential to go a little crazy, and after all — it is Nike. In describing these two editions, they say, “The two remaining core uniforms, inspired by the mindset of the NBA athlete and the communities that support their teams through thick and thin, respectively, will be revealed in the coming months.

Wait and see. Perhaps there will be a skyline, bison or something else fans have begged for.

Actual designs are expected to be released starting next week, and anything floating around at the moment is nothing more than fan-made concept art. Hold off on getting excited/disappointed until Nike reveals the look itself.