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Part Three of Paul George’s Three-Part ESPN Free Agency Series

The final installment of Paul George’s My Journey free agency series aired on Tuesday night’s 5:00 PM CT SportsCenter. In it, he discusses his process, his decision to remain in Oklahoma City, and even thanks Lakers’ fans for the love — while also saying that not being traded to Los Angeles last season ended up being a “beautiful thing” for him.

As for sticking with Russell Westbrook and the Thunder, George had this to say:

“It’s more than just loyalty, it’s about doing what I think is right. I feel this is the best and perfect opportunity to cement myself and bring a championship where it hasn’t been brought. They’ve welcomed me with open arms, and I want them to feel that hype that I have toward what I think we can accomplish there. I want to be part of something that’s special and something that I’ve created. In Oklahoma, I think there is something I can create there.
Aside from being one of the best human beings I’ve been around, (Russell Westbrook’s) approach to the game is what guys who want to be a part of and build something with. Russ is somebody I can win with and vice versa. So I think with this decision, that makes me much more comfortable knowing I got a shot and a real chance to win with one of the best players in the league.
I’m happy. I’m more than happy. This is the city and community I chose, and the place I decided to play. And I’m excited. I’m excited to go along this journey and really go all in on this experience.”

Really good stuff. Give it a watch.