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Episode 34: Stay Melo or Nay Melo?

On episode 34, host Brandon Rahbar is joined by the head cheese of and Up the Thunder, Weston Shepherd, as well as Daily Thunder’s 5th or 6th best contributor, John Napier.


  • Thoughts on Sunday’s OKC vs. Portland game
  • Does OKC have a Melo problem or a Billy Donovan problem?
  • What’s the Thunder’s record over the final seven games?
  • That Boston loss could possibly end up looming large in seeding. In a season filled with heartbreaking losses and blown leads, where does that one rank?
  • Of all the possible first-round opponents, who would you most want to face? Least want to face?
  • Houston or Golden State: who would you rather face in the second round?
  • Russ is likely going to finish very close but ultimately short of averaging another triple-double for the season. But he hasn’t gotten any love this year. Are people underrating and taking Russ for granted? Or have his critics been validated by OKC’s disappointing season and Russ’ efficiency?
  • The West is a crapshoot outside of the top two seeds. Call your shot: where does OKC finish?

Connect to this week’s guests:
Weston Shepherd | @WShep
John Napier | @ajohnnapier

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