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Kevin Durant on the ‘Fab Five’ documentary

Kevin Durant on the ‘Fab Five’ documentary
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Rashad Mobley of Truth About It talked to Kevin Durant, Cole Aldrich and Daequan Cook before the Thunder took on the Wizards Monday night. The topic of discussion: ESPN’s outstanding Fab Five documentary.

All their answers were really interesting, but of course I found KD’s just fascinating. And awesome.

I did see it, I watched the whole thing, and it was just crazy how they were able to change the game and be so confident and good at such a young age.  The best part about it to me was that they were family.  They stuck behind each other when Webber called the timeout, when folks criticized their game and their coach through all that.  That’s a lesson that can be applied on the professional level.  You stand behind your team, your coach, your brothers no matter what. That’s family, that’s love, and I admired that.
I was really too young to know about their game and who they were when I was growing up initially.  But as I played in middle school and high school, I knew who they were, and I started to read up on the history a little bit.  Plus, we had five freshmen on Texas, and we wanted to be just like them.  We did everything together, we wore the same shoes, same socks, all that type of stuff.  I think they are still influential for people going to college and playing ball today.
They definitely remind me of what we got going on here [with the Thunder], because we’re all so young, we do everything together, and we call each other family.  Plus most of us, except for Perk [Kendrick Perkins], have never really won anything on this level, so we’re all going through this together just like the Fab Five.