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KD Tweets in Third-Person to Defend Himself, Criticize Thunder

KD Tweets in Third-Person to Defend Himself, Criticize Thunder
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It’s been 441 days since Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City to join the Golden State Warriors, and it’s been a strange ride ever since. There have been barbs thrown between he and former teammate Russell Westbrook, a brutal booing/chants of “Cupake!” from Thunder faithful, and countless other cringe-worthy moments between the reigning Finals MVP and the place he called home for eight seasons. But hey — things are slowly getting better, right?

You may want to sit down.

In what appears to be a mistake from either Durant or a member of his inner circle, last night the @KDTrey5 Twitter account responded to a question from user @ColeCashwell — except it doesn’t look like the response was supposed to come from Durant’s official account. Unless he has begun speaking strictly in third-person (I’d believe it), team Durant forgot to switch to an alternate account before diving into his reasoning for leaving Oklahoma City.

Check it out:

Well there you have it. Durant “didn’t like the organization or playing for Billy Donovan,” and had no help outside of Russell Westbrook. Straight from the source.

The tweets have since been deleted, but the Internet always has receipts. We’ll see if Durant addresses this gaffe or simply acts like it never happened — either way it is likely the strangest chapter in this story to date.