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Interesting information from the first two games

Stats basketball blog has posted a really interesting list of numbers and observations from the Thunder’s first two games against the Nuggets. Via SportsVU tracking:

* Russell Westbrook has been succeeding in getting his teammates involved in the first two games with 14 assists, 5 secondary assists and 3 free throw assists.
* Surprisingly Kevin Durant has found ways to get open looks, shooting 17 times with defenders at least 4 feet away and converting on 12 (71%) of these opportunities. Durant is also shooting 6 of 9 (67%) from 3-point distance in these situations.
* Denver has shown that it is willing to give Serge Ibaka open jumpers and its working; he has converted just 3 of 12 of his attempts when a defender is 4+ feet away at the time of the shot.
* Durant has been just as efficient of scorer in the post-season as he was in the regular season. On 121 touches, Durant has poured in 64 points for a .53 points per touch average. In tracked games during the regular season Durant tallied 2,169 touches and 1,162 points, for a .54 points per touch average.
* As a team, the Thunder have shot 13 of 35 (37%) in catch and shoot situations from 3-point distance.
* 42% (299 of 700) of Thunder touches have been by Russell Westbrook or Kevin Durant.
* In limited action – Daequan Cook has averaged a shot nearly every other time he touched the ball, with 9 attempts on just 19 touches.

H/T @DSMok1