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Friday Bolts: The Deadline Day After

Friday Bolts: The Deadline Day After

Sam Presti actually did it. He traded a first-round pick from OKC's enormous vault of first-round selections. In return, the Oklahoma City Thunder landed a 2028 pick swap.

Okay, so not the blockbuster we imagined the inventory of picks would be used for, but alas, OKC shed a pick that had little value in the short term, to essentially have the ability "trade up" in the 2028 draft should Dallas' pick in 2028 be worse than OKC's.

Oh, and there was another trade on deadline day. Tre Mann, Vasilije Micic, Davis Bertans, and two second-round draft picks are out, and Gordon Hayward is in.

It's a typical Presti trade of arguably adding a little juice for now without sacrificing long-term flexibility (and actually, adding some flexibility).

Jeff Zillgitt (USA Today) gave OKC a B+.

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Kevin Pelton (ESPN.com) rated the trade an A for the Thunder.

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Dan Favale (Bleacher Report) also gave the Thunder an A.

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As did Sam Quinn (CBS Sports).

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Zach Harper (The Athletic) was less impressed, handing out a B for the trade.

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Hayward's debut will be after the All-Star Break.

Friend of Daily Thunder, Tyler Parker (The Ringer), on Chet Holmgren:

But it’s Holmgren’s overall malleability that has unlocked this Oklahoma City team faster than anyone expected. He’s exceeded every expectation. Sometimes he trails the action and tra-la-las into above-the-break 3s. Sometimes he cuts to the basket. Sometimes he catches and drives. Sometimes he sets a pick-and-roll to the rim. Sometimes he gets a pick and initiates himself. He keeps defenses guessing, makes them wonder. The Thunder use him all over—the wing, the corner, the block, the elbow, the dunker spot, point, anywhere on Chet’s green earth. He just knows how to play, where to be.
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Michael Grange (SportsNet Canada) starts asking the question, could Shai Gilgeous-Alexander be one of the all-time greats?

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With Joel Embiid out with an injury, and Shai playing at an MVP-level, could SGA actually win this thing?

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