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Friday Bolts: Break's Over

Friday Bolts: Break's Over

The new-look Oklahoma City Thunder made its debut last night against the Los Angeles Clippers. Coming out of the All-Star Break, the game was a potential course-setter for the remainder of the season--the young Thunder with a chance to measure up against one of the league's hottest teams before the break.

Gordon Hayward, the centerpiece of OKC's trade deadline moves, logged his appearance in the second quarter and ended up missing both of his shots in 14 minutes of action.

And yet, the Thunder trounced the Clippers, 129-107.

Break's over, and the Thunder look ready for the second half of the season.

Welp, the All-Star Game itself was an exhibition of offense and showcase of how I'd play defense against the NBA's elite talent. The reviews of the game were not kind.

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With a brand-speaking new arena coming, could OKC be a future host of the All-Star Game? Unlikely, writes Joe Mussatto (The Oklahoman).

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Outside of the game itself, ESPN asked Steph Curry who he thought might be the next superstars of the NBA, and among the names mentioned: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

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It's about the fashion. Converse is leveraging SGA to turn the Weapon into a fashion statement.

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Despite being small, aging, and subject to replacement, the Paycom Center ranked no. 1 for concessions.

Tim McMahon (ESPN) says the Paul George trade may have created the next NBA dynasty... in Oklahoma City.

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In an hour-plus long interview with his agent, Kevin Durant talked about a variety of topics including his time in OKC.