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Friday Bolts: Davis Bertans

Friday Bolts: Davis Bertans

While Davis Bertans news is not the biggest thing happening in Thunder Nation, there is some Bertans news this week, so why not lead with the three-point hoisting big man?

This past week, Bertans agreed to a change to a contract to eliminate the trigger that would make his contract fully guaranteed for 2024-25 by increasing his partial guarantee for next year by $250,000. This change gives the Thunder more flexibility in managing Bertans cap hit next season, as it removes the (unlikely) possibility that his contract could be fully guaranteed at $16 million.

Thunder, Davis Bertans Agree To Contract Revision
Bertans’ partial guarantee for next season will increase as part of the revision.

With this change, could it increase the odds Bertans gets traded? Though not a part of his analysis, Matt Guzman (Inside the Thunder) discusses the potential of a Bertans trade.

Because the Thunder did not advance in the In-Season Tournament, two games were added to the team's schedule. OKC will add a road game against Houston on December 6, and a home game against the Warriors on December 8.

Jonathan Greco (KOCO) gives a rundown on things to know before the arena vote on December 12, such as when to vote, who can vote, and how to vote.

Power Rankings!

NBA.com has OKC at no. 5, before the team went 1-1 against the Timberwolves and the Lakers.

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ESPN.com put OKC at no. 6, but this was before the team went 2-2 in the last four games.

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Contender vibes?

Oklahoma City showed Golden State what Basketball Darwinism looks like
Don’t look now but OKC’s young core is giving contender vibes

ICYMI: Luis Paez-Pumar of Defector praises Chet Holmgren and even says Holmgren is currently ahead of Victor Wembanyama.

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