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Detailed stats from the Thunder/Lakers game

Detailed stats from the Thunder/Lakers game

Taylor is back at it again with more awesome stats to digest. Since we all (hopefully) know what each stat means, we’ll just go with the box score. And if you forgot what a CHBA is click here for a quick reference guide.

As Taylor said in his email the Could Have Been Assist category really backs up the gripes we all had with the Thunder missing so many open jumpers.

Interesting to note how the “Could Have Been Assist” really backs up a lot of the comments in the post game write up.  Against the Warriors the team had 26 assists compared to 22 CHBA.  Against the Lakers the Thunder had 17 assists compared to 33 CHBA.

Also, Taylor added a “Points Created” category as well as success rates for high and low post play.


Look it over, digest and discuss in the comments. But I must say, one thing that really sticks out to me is that OKC attempted just one charge last night. With as much attacking the basket L.A. did, that’s a little disturbing. Also, I mentioned how Durant’s length was pretty effective last night on Kobe and Taylor’s stats show that KD altered five shots – that’s almost as good as a block.