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Community Post: S.K.T.F.C.

Obviously, that stands for Senior Kansas Thunder Fan Correspondents.

Hey there. I’m Travis, a Thunder fan and President of the Kansas Thunder Fan Club Of America.

Since the dawn of Tuesday the 17th, I wanted nothing more than to win free Thunder tickets. Wednesday came, with a winner named from a Twitter Drawing via Brandon Rahbar and the beautiful folks at Daily Thunder. Woah. Talk about a gut punch.

But then something happened Thursday. For some reason the winner didn’t claim the tickets, causing a redraw. Hope is alive because THERE’S STILL A GOLDEN TICKET OUT THERE. My phone buzzes as Brandon tells me I’ve won the prize. He says “Hold on to those tickets. Run for it Travis. Run straight home and don’t stop till you get there!” Thus, fulfilling the Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory reference and my destiny as of four days ago.

I drove down from Wichita, KS and invited a friend from Tulsa. We met up at the arena and here are some random notes and observations we made.

• National anthem was good. The singer dropped an octave on the end and I think it was smart to know her range
• Nuggets fans sat behind us, all female and they were into the game. That was neat and lead to some fun moments. (Sidebar, my favorite opposing fan to sit by was a Spurs fan during the WCFs in ’12. We just talked about how good the game was on both sides.)
• Thor-Rumble was cool as hell. No way we get sued by Marvel or Asgard.
• Had to stand for about a minute in the first quarter until Gallo said “Have a seat” with a bucket
• New stadium stadium sounds included the “ahhhh ah ah” from musical The Nightman Cometh by Charlie Day
• We went for snacks and drinks at the 7min mark of the first qtr and then accidentally walked around the whole arena looking at each individual shop and food stand only to end up with a white shirt and Mazzio’s. We made it back with a few minutes left in the first half.
• Lost a long sleeve shirt during the extented walk.
• Found the shirt at Guest Relations. Talk about a 2 minute rollercoaster ride of emotions.
• After a Denver run, the Nugs would always get Chris Paul-ed with a side of Danilo
• Jokic is like a mattress. Big, awkward, soft and white. Henceforth he will be name The Sertapedic
• The Serbian Sertapedic is a sweat machine. He’s got crazy drip.
• Have you ever tried moving a mattress by yourself? No wonder Steven has problems with The Serbian Sertapedic Pillowtop.
• Noel did something awesome and I yelled “Nerl-ed It!”. Definitely gonna start saying that around the house to annoy the wife
• Mason Plumblee, aka Plumdog Millionaire, owes Steven Adams a life debt and should let him sink every shot
• Coach Uncle Bill got a good challenge that resulted in the Thunder getting the ball and two quick point to get a 10pt lead
• At the 2min mark of the 4th, CP3 put a screen on The Serbian Sertapedic Colorado King Pillowtop giving Adams a clear lane to the basket
• Gary Harris hit a brick wall made out of Lu Dort and Nerlens in 6:49 of the 4th. To add insult that injury, at the 1:20 mark Harris’ hands were inducted to the CP3 RIP Foundation
• Chris Paul is super smart when it comes to playing basketball
• I got a double Whataburger before leaving town.
• I got home at 2am. Totally worth it.

Thanks again to Brandon and Daily Thunder. Have a good one and Thunder Up.