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A cold keeps Rubio from working out for the Kings; next stop OKC?

Ricky Rubio was set to run drills for the Kings yesterday, a workout that was highly anticipated. But it wasn’t meant to be as Rubio came down with a fever and sore throat and wasn’t able to participate.

Chad Ford reported that Rubio went back to Los Angeles to get ready for his next move. He could possibly try working out for Sacramento again, but Ford had this interesting little nugget:

Sources close to the situation continue to insist that, in the end, the most likely scenario is Rubio going to the Kings at No. 4 if he’s still on the board. If he’s gone, it sounds like Flynn has moved into second place.
However, the focus on Rubio in the coming days may shift to Oklahoma City. The Thunder continue to show strong interest in Rubio and are pushing for a meeting, physical and a review of Rubio’s contract in Spain. If Rubio feels better and is up for the visit, that’s where he’ll head next.

How awesome would that be for Rubio’s first workout to be in Oklahoma City? Everyone is so intrigued by the Spanish enigma and nobody really knows what he is. But instead of running drills for the team that posts every workout on YouTube, his first NBA workout could be with the team that not even David Stern could probably get in and see. I think Sam Presti has the Integris practice facility surrounded by the National Guard.

Granted, Ford didn’t mention a specific workout, instead just a physical, a review of Rubio’s contract and a meeting, but I’d imagine they’d have him lace ’em up for a little bit. But don’t plan on finding out for sure. The Thunder might have Rubio swim in a tank of ketchup filled with sharks and we’d never know it.